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About Us

Our company was founded in 2004 in Ukraine. It all began with a passion to create handmade things for friends and relatives. Materials for the work we have always chosen the nature and quality. Since the history of our country is full of traditional folk crafts.

But after we have gone through our wedding We realized what an important event in life. Preparing for a wedding takes time and ideas for gifts for groomsmen and bridesmaids we invented and created themselves. The role is very important pals. Advance planning your wedding, you can express your gratitude to unique personalized gifts.
After this, our work has become even more creative. Now it is our job, and the family business. And any product in our store turns into a memorable and cherished possession.

Groomsman-Gift Company offers gift ideas from Shafer, Groomsmen, Bridesmaid, Best Man and Groom, Bride, and much more, which helps reduce the hassle associated with wedding planning. We recommend custom gifts with engraving or other personalization. You can choose gifts from a variety of materials, a variety of styles that will reflect the character of the future owner and express your heartfelt thanks.

Groomsman-Gift Company combines numerous creative ideas, which are based on advanced technologies and individual approach to each client and to each product. We specialize in personalized gifts for men and women, for a wedding or other important occasion in the life of every human being.

We are proud of the fact that the groom and groomsmen always find in our store the most unique gifts that they receive timely, as the preparations for the wedding can be stressful. We count on our experience and the aim to use advanced technology in production, combined with the ancient traditions of folk crafts of our country.

We are always looking for ways that would give pleasure to the cooperation with our customers, employees, suppliers. We are always looking for new ideas and strategic partners.

We believe in the positive outcome of our work. Groomsman-Gift creates an interesting and high-quality products for our customers. Our prices are fair and we make available. This helps our company grow.

Groomsman-Gift Company is doing everything to resolve any issues in a timely and friendly manner. As part of our policy we promise to deliver every order on time and in good packaging. We always maintain an open dialogue with our customers and partners. We value the ideas of customers for the development and creation of new products.
If you have any questions or ideas relating to our company and cooperate with us, please contact us.