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Product Code: 0012

Mug for beer from oak wood.

Each mug is unique.

The mug will be an excellent gift for the groom at the wedding, for any event and not only !!!

Capacity 0.5 liters (17oz)

Height-140 mm (5.5 inches)

Weight - 460 grams (1.01 pounds)

These are natural wooden beer mugs. It is processed by natural beeswax.

Author's handmade, absolutely eco-friendly product.

Real beer, poured into oak mugs, interacting with natural wood, reveals the full range of flavor range. Good beer should be served only in wooden beer mugs.

Each mug is unique because there are no two similar patterns on pieces of wood. The color of the wood may also differ in some way from that shown in the store.

We produce every product, thinking about people who do not want to own what everyone has. With the help of our laser, we can custom-make each product, which means it is ideally personalized. And if you have your own ideas for creating a design with laser engraving, or you just want to change our product a little - just contact us and we will personally make it look different.

Care instructions: do not wash the mugs in the dishwasher.

Do not leave wooden objects in containers with water for a long time.

Drying also causes deformation and cracking. Wash only inside still part. Wipe the wood with a damp cloth.

If you follow the instructions, the mug will serve you for a long time.

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